The trend of digital payments

2022-01-16 区块链达人

Ripple’s data shows that lockdowns around the world are forcing people and businesses to transfer money digitally. As Gupta noted, this trend could continue after the corona crisis, and Ripple could also benefit from this:One is that we’re seeing a big shift from paper or ‘touch-based’ or physical to digital。There is a shift in terms of our customers who have a very strong digital footprint, who are ‘digital first’–banks or payment companies. Definitely, what we are seeing is that their business has been going up, and that this ‘shift to digital’ has been accelerated by this crisis.

There is an increasing shift of the global economy from paper to digitization.

With regard to Ripple’s focus on the MENA region, Gupta further explained that this market has significant potential. South Asia is characterized by the fact that a large number of people are migrant workers, such as Filipino nurses working around the world, Indian developers working in various industries around the world.

作者 : Jake Simmons