IOTA as mining supply chain project

2022-01-14 区块链达人

The good news about new cooperations and memberships in consortia has not stopped for the IOTA Foundation in recent weeks. One reason for this is that the IOTA Foundation has proactively participated in research and development efforts of the EU Commission in recent years to increase its reach. The main purpose was to educate third parties about the technology of the IOTA  protocol and at the same time identify new requirements that could be incorporated into the protocol in the long term and increase adoption.

The Digit project is a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) that brings together a consortium of 16 partners from across Europe to develop a digital solution for the mining supply chain (gold, copper, charcoal) to create a more sustainable mining industry. The project will run for 48 months and the entire consortium will receive 7 million euro in funding from the European Union.

Especially the IOTA Foundation will receive funding of 155.000 EUR to develop the necessary interfaces between all partners and technologies. As the only project developing a Distributed Ledger technology, IOTA will have the task to create a trusted level for the data exchange of the mining supply chain.

Other partners selected by the European Commission include ITAINNOVA, Brunel University, Core Innovation, Tau, Rotech technology, LIBRA AI, ICCS Research, EUROCORE, STRATAGEM, Libra, SINTEF Molab, SINTEF Helg. & Schneider Electric. The official start of the project was on 5 May 2020. The IOTA Foundation describes the concrete goals of the project as following:The Data will be collected using sensors integrated in workers’ clothing and will be supplemented with data from monitored machines, vehicles and tools involved in mine operations. On the other hand, the acquired data will also improve the image of the mining industry by presenting the data stored on the DLT to the public. IOTA will be the basis for this.

Author : Jake Simmons