Cardano is a blockchain

2022-01-12 区块链达人

Cardano is a blockchain, also called 3rd generation blockchain because of its scientific philosophy, designed and developed by a team of scientists and engineers from all over the world.

We will therefore introduce you to various ways in which you can invest in Cardano/ the ADA Coin very easily, quickly and securely and then keep it safe. Before you read the individual instructions for the different  exchanges and brokers, you should make an important decision about the storage of your Cardanos.

When answering this important question you should consider the following: Cryptocurrencies like Cardano are anxious to revolutionize the current financial system for the better! The aim is to create a financial system that does without third parties and middlemen. Therefore, from our point of view, it is generally better to manage Cardano yourself, since only you have access to your assets via your Private Key. If you deposit your ADA Coins on a exchange or broker, you give control of the private key to a third party. Since exchanges and brokers are popular targets for hacker attacks, we believe it is safer to manage your Cardano by yourself. For beginners, however, it can be complicated to set up and operate a wallet.

Author : Jake Simmons